Thinking of Hosting a Martial Arts Tournament or Seminar, But Don't Know Where to Start?

Need of a Friendly Place to Rent Some Equipment for Your Upcoming Event?

Regardless if this is your first event or you’re a seasoned host, planning and organizing a martial arts tournament or seminar comes with a variety of tasks and expenses. And, let’s not forget the logistics involved in managing your staff, honored guests, volunteers, attendees and spectators.

With over 33 years of combined experience, the staff at Mats & More offers a variety of services that take the hassle and headaches out of organizing and running a martial arts tournament.

From mat and equipment rentals to managing your martial arts event on the big day…

Mats & More are here to help!  

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Let’s get your event started!

Equipment Rental

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Rental Equipment Available:

  • 150 Reversible Tatami Mats (Red & Blue)
    • Accommodates up to six 5 x 5 or three 7 x 7 rings
  • 50 Theater Ropes
    • To manage the paths in and out of the competition area and how to keep spectators at a stand-off distance.
  • 1 Photo Podium
    • In honor of the top three competitors, our 1st, 2nd, 3rd place podium is perfect for photo opportunities.
  • 2 Trophy Tables
    • These low rise tables are great for showcasing trophies. Place them in front of the honored guest’s tables and you’ve created an image of a professional event.
  • Protection Gear
    • Enough gear to support up to a 6 ring event.
      • Head Gear with cage (S, M, L & XL)
      • Reversible Chest Protectors (CHS, CHL, S, M, L, XL)
    • Judging Equipment
      • Enough gear to support up to a 6 ring event
        • Scorecards
        • Flags
        • Stop Watches
        • Kenji Strips
        • Times-up Bean Bags
    • Linens
      • 90 x 156” Banquet (Black or White)
      • 48 x 48” Square (Black or Red)
    • 1 Weight Scale
    • Signage
    • 3 Cash Draws
    • 4 Merchandise Displays
    • 2 Concessions Displays

Pop Up Event Services

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Take the hassle out of putting your event together!

Complete  set-up and break-down is provided by experienced staff members.

Events with up to 200 competitors, we can have you up and running in 1 hour. Larger events will take longer.

The following equipment is provided:

  • Reversible Tatami Mats (Red & Blue)
  • Theater Ropes
  • Photo Podium
  • Trophy Tables
  • Protection Gear
  • Judging Equipment
  • Linens
  • Weight Scale
  •  Signage
  • Cash Draws
  • Merchandise Displays
  • Concessions Displays

Additional Services

Or call (203) 790-4352​

Facilities Manager

Responsible for all of the physical items you’ll need: equipment rentals, trophy ordering, etc.

Staffing Manager

Responsible for staff and volunteers; recruiting, prepping and training. Also provides regular communication before and during the tournament.

Vendor Management

Responsible for selecting any on-site vendors you have at the tournament (hotdogs, t-shirts, etc.), negotiates the vendor business-deals (does your tournament get a percentage of the take?), and coordinates the logistics of having the vendors at the tournament.

Competition Coordinator

Manages the database of all the competitors: names, age, schools, rank, etc. Develops the brackets for competition.


There are going to be literally dozens of people working on hundreds of tasks to make this tournament happen. Our knowledgeable staff would be responsible for making the schedule, maintaining the schedule, and keeping track of all the tournament tasks.

Technology Liason

Your tournament is going to need a website, but it’s going to need more than that as well. We offer the following services:

  • Online registration form
  • Online spectator passes
  • Competitor database
  • Online payment options