Junior Black Belt is for 12 to 17 year old Students

(under 12 years old requires WKK Promotion Board approval)

Minimal Number of Years in  Organization

5 Years

Promotion Recommendation 

From Instructor

Promotion Board Review


Requirements for Promotion

Listed below


Kumite No Kata Kihon

Kohon Sono Ichi

Kihon Sono Ni

Kihon Sono San

Kihon Sono Yon

Kihon Sono Go

Kumite No Kata Tsuki To Uke

Kihon Sono Roku


Kihon Sono Sichi

Kumite No Kata Keri

Kihon Sono Hachi



Weapons Kata


Kihon Sono Ichi

Kihon Sono Ni

Chi On



Kihon Sono Ichi

Kihon Sono Ni

Kihon Sono San



Kihon Sono Ichi

Kihon Sono Ni



Tsuki / Uchi

Punches / Strikes



Yoi Dachi – Ready Stance

Kumite No Tachi – Fighting Stance

Zenkutsu Dachi – Forward Leaning Stance

Sanchin Dachi – Toes In Stance

Musubi Dachi – Heels together Toes Out Stance

Kiba Dachi – Horse Stance

Kokutsu Dachi – Back Stance

Neko Ashi Dachi – Cat Stance

Heisoku Dachi – Feet Together Stance

Kake Ashi Dachi – Crossed Leg Stance

Moro Ashi Dachi – One Foot Forward Stamce

Seiken Chudan Tsuki – Middle Punch

Seiken Oi-Zuki – Middle Punch with Step

Seiken Gyaku Zuki – Reverse Middle Punch with Step

Seiken Ago Uchi – Arms Back Chin Punch

Uraken Gammen Uchi – Backhand Strike

Uraken Sayu Uchi – Backhand Strike to the Sides

Shita Tsuki – Upper Cut Punch

Furi Uchi – Kidney Punch

Tetsui – Hammer Fist Strike to the Sides

Tateken – Vertical Fist Punch

Mawashi Uchi – Roundhouse Punch to the Chin

Morote Zuki – Double Hand Strike

Mawashi Hiji Uchi – Roundhouse Elbow Strike

Ushiro Hiji Uchi – Backwards Elbow Strike

Nukite Zuki – Spearhand Strike

Hiji Age – Elbow Strike

Mae Hiza Geri – Front Knee Kick

Gedan Hiza Geri – Knee Kick to the Thigh

Mae Geri – Front Kick

Kakato Geri – Front Heel Kick

Mae Keage – Front High Straight Leg Kick

Chudan Soto Hiza Geri – Roundhouse Knee Kick

Mawashi Geri – Roundhouse Kick

Ushiro Geri – Back Kick

Yoko Geri – Side Kick

Kake Geri – Hook Kick

Kin Geri – Groin Snap Kick

Uchi Mawashi Geri – Inside Out Straight Leg Kick

Soto Mawashi Geri – Outside In Straight Leg Kick

Ushiro Mawashi Geri – Spinning Back Roundhouse Kick




Jodan Uke – High Block

Chudan Uchi Uke – Middle Inside Out Block

Chudan Soto Uke – Middle Outside In Block

Gedan Barai – Low Block

Sune Uke – Low Kick Block with Leg

Chudan Morote Uke – Double Hand Block


Knife Hand

Shuto Uke – Knife Hand Block

Shuto Gammen Uchi – Outside Knife Hand Strike to Temple

Shuto Sakotsu Uchi – Overhead Knife Hand Strike

Shuto Hizo Uchi – Outside Knife Hand Strike to Spleen

Shuto Uchi Uchi – Inside Knife Hand to Temple

Shuto Sakotsu Uchikomi – Straight Knife Hand Strike to Clavicle



Fifteen (15) Two Minute Fights

(more/less as determined by Sensei)

Junior Black Belt Promotion Test Fee $300.00