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Kanreikai Karate Courses

Experience and certified instructors ensure that every student discovers the world of martial arts and all of its benefits while having fun.

5-to-7 Years Old

5 to 7 Years Old
White and Blue Belts

Our 5 to 7 years old course  introduces students to the world of karate. It combines basic techniques and physical activity in a respectful and fun environment.

Students learn Japanese terms and do age appropriate fitness and skill exercises.

Classes end with games and light fights (facing the instructors) that allow them to experience a combat situation safely. 


8 Years and Older
White and Blue Belts

Beginners develop, balance, self confidence, and concentration in a safe and inclusive environment. They learn a solid technical base and the dojo’s code of conduct.

Beginners learn karate according to the Japanese tradition. They learn basic techniques, katas (fighting against an invisible opponent), and light fighting skills under the supervision of instructors.


All Ages
Yellow Tip to Green Tip

Our intermediate students learn more complex techniques and the basics of traditional Japanese weapons.

They study core techniques (positions, punches, kicks, blocks, foot work, and shuto), kata, and fighting techniques. We place an emphasis on conditioning and physical fitness.

We also introduce them to the bo, tonfa and nunchaku and their basic techniques.


All Ages
Green Belt and Above

These courses require diligence, concentration, and determination. Each promotion represents a commitment to growth and serious training.

Advanced students perfect their technique, study advanced kata and weapons, and practice intensive combat training.

Brown and Black belt students serve as role models and assist our instructors in class, thereby training themselves to teach.