Kanreikai Karate competes at regional, national, and international Karate tournaments. We participate in Kata, Weapon Kata, Semi-Knockdown Fighting, and Knockdown Fighting events.

Competition is not mandatory, but most students can grow by competing, if only once in their life. If you or your child are interested in competing, talk with our Instructors and they will start you on your path.

Competition contributes to the overall development of karate practitioners. Often, students choose to take part in tournaments after having trained with us for a while. Our instructors prepare them to compete at their best by developing their skills. Our training program has proven to be effective as our competitors typically perform remarkably well.

Benefits of Competition

At Kanreikai Karate, all students can grow by experiencing competition, if only once in their lifetime. It is inspiring to see a student return from a tournament with renewed energy and motivation to train harder. The benefits of competition are far-reaching and long-lasting.

Most importantly, students learn about themselves. Experience in competition makes students better no matter the results because they learn how they react under pressure and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Students gain confidence from competing. By performing their kata or finishing their fight – no matter the outcome – they realize their potential. Students come away from competition with a strong resolve to improve. To actually perform a kata or finish a fight provides a boost of energy and motivation to do better next time.

Competition provides an occasion for students to measure themselves against others. It can be humbling or gratifying to rank yourself against others. Ultimately, it is not where one stands that is important but what he/she does about it. For beginner and advanced competitors, each tournament brings additional experience to get to the next level and face more challenges. Karate is about self- knowledge and the development of mind and body.

Through competition, students become part of a team. Even though kata and fighting events are individual challenges, competitors nonetheless feel the support and hear the shouts of encouragement of the whole team as they perform. Whether they are kids, teens, or adults, all students benefit from this very valuable and rewarding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't competition dangerous for my child?

We take countless steps to ensure the safety of all tournament participants, regardless of age. The objective of the tournament is to create a positive experience for everyone without causing injury. Tournament organizers, instructors, and staff always account for the fighters safety and well being first.

My child is too shy to take part in kata competition. How can I help him/her?

Most of the time, Sensei are the best to help young students get through their kata. Once your child decides to participate, his/her Sensei will take over and make sure that he/she has a positive experience, whatever the competition’s result. Competition becomes an opportunity to teach children how to face a challenge.