Fighting Spirit Karate presents “Be Like Water”. A series of virtual training sessions for adult karatakas of all styles from all over the globe.

On April 23rd, 2020, Shidoshi Sean Schenker, owner of the Fighting Spirit Karate school in Gardiner, NY hosted the first “Be Like Water” virtual training session.

Sensei Matt Dickie of Danbury Kanreikai Karate was among the 60 adult martial artists of all styles from around the globe who came together on Zoom to train in multiple disciplines with incredible instructors for the first of three, two hour sessions.

First up was Sensei Kamil Maras of IFK Kyokushin Karate (Poland/USA). Sensei Kamil guided us through a series of intense kicking techniques to get everyone’s blood flowing and heart rate on the rise.  At the end of his 20 minute workout, Sensei was asked his thoughts as an international fighter and he stated “When you feel tired and you want to give up in a fight, just remember, you are only at your 40%, the crowd wants to see your other 60%”.

Next up was Coach Jeff Burger representing Muay Thai / Boxing (USA). Coach Jeff focused on fluidity and consistent training as he walked us all through a variety of foot and hand techniques. Pendulum steps, drop steps, cover backs, roll punches and cross over maneuvers where but a few on display. 

Then we had Senpai Jonathan Gonzalez of IFK Kyokushin Karate (Costa Rica). Senpai Jonathan rolled out a series of fighting techniques he preforms especially well as an international fighter. An in-depth and long series of techniques all stung together to keep your opponent on the defense. At the end of his workout, Senpai shared advise about good nutrition and hydration when traveling for competitions.

Next was Sifu Mark Cardona representing Kung Fu (USA). Sifu Mark presented a relaxed teaching style. He had an analytical approach to teaching and a focus on realistic self defense. There was an emphasis on adaptation and flow in any situation through timing, position and structure. Sifu stated, “the mechanisms that get you to the punch does not matter. Its all about the alignment and structure”.Sifu then described crane technique. Evade, intercept, penetrate and destroy. The goal being to use a percentage of these four methods all at the same time. 

Finishing off the session was Sensei Juan Ma Piedra (Costa Rica) representing Kyokushin Karate. Throughout Sensei Juan’s martial arts career he is known for strong whiplash techniques. He broke down his signature back kick he uses to defeat the most challenging competitors. The focus of his training was all about fast and strong techniques. Once again hearts where racing with a world wind of fast hip movements. When asked what he liked best about fighting, he stated, “fighting is about remembering your alive”. He further described his beliefs of how character and karate are similar.

All in all it was a great two hour training session with amazing instructors. Everyone could not thank Shishido Sean enough for organizing this event and how much they are looking forward to Session 2 scheduled for May 7th, 2020.

A wonderful event that proves once again that no matter the style, the martial arts community is stronger then ever.

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