Hard work and dedicated training is required to achieve each rank with the World Kanreikai Karate Organization.

Students from Danbury Kanreikai showed of their skills and martial art techniques at the Belt Promotion Test held on June 20th, 2019 supervised by Hanshi Manny Matias.

Congratulations to the following students for being promoted to the rank of:

Brown Belt

Izzah Nishad

Aahil Nishad

Brown Tip

Melanie Axilote

Green Belt

Jonathan Cajamorca

Orange Belt

Daniel Andrade

Gabriela Oliva

Yellow Belt

Yamilet Saavadra

Erick Saldana

Blue Belt

Justin Cando

Lucas Lubus

Blue Tip

Anthony DaSilva

Filipe Desousa

Gabriel Desousa

Ana Desouza

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